Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taming of the Tig 2

In Part 1, I described how Tig has been making the transition from fraidy cat to lap cat. I wanted to take a moment to mention my little ambassador in this negotiation.

Tux is a cat I have had for nearly ten years now. Early last year, we finally had to put down our older cat, Jake, who was the only cat Tux had known since he left his mother as a kitten. So when we adopted Speck from the humane society a month or two after Jake's death, Tux had no idea how to deal with her. And when Blackberry (not pictured) wandered up a few weeks after that, poor Tux felt like he was being bombarded with strange cats. But in the months since the kittens arrived, Tux has been the happiest I've ever seen him.

Even though Tux, Berry, and Speck are all indoor cats, Tux likes to go out occasionally for a sniff around. So when Tig showed up, I wasn't sure if Tux would see him as friend or threat. I didn't need to worry, because Tux immediately sized up the situation and set out to prove to Tig that getting hugs from people was about the best thing ever. When Tux was outside, all I had to do was walk up to him and he'd writhe on the ground, white tummy in the air, just begging for a tummy rub.

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